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About Pacific Coast Ashes at Sea After leaving the dock, the Captain will maneuver the boat to a site at least three miles off shore.

There, with the boat at rest, the family may conduct whatever type of memorial service they feel appropriate. They can have clergy conduct a brief ceremony, music can be played, individual personal memories may be expressed, or other reflections on the deceased may be expressed informally by the attendees.

Flowers may then be dispensed over the side at the site.

The Captain will assist where needed to ensure a safe and thoughtful disposition.

Attendees may toss real flowers (not artificial) overboard at the dispersal site. The Captain, upon leaving the dispersal site, will make two turns around the flowers as recognition of the deceased, so "farewells" may be rendered, and then proceed to home port. Average total time is about 1 1/2 hours.

The Captain will record the precise Global Position System (GPS) coordinates where disposition took place, and they will be provided to the family on the Certificate of Disposition. This will enable loved ones to "revisit" the precise location of original disposition. The family will mail the certificate of disposition into the appropriate county within 10 days of the memorial.

Gratuity to the Captain is optional, but not expected.



PACIFIC COAST ASHES AT SEA can accommodate both attended or unattended scatterings.

Attended means: Family and/or friends may accompany the cremains aboard the vessel to the dispersal site. Family and/or friends may conduct a short memorial for the deceased, and assist in scattering, if desired. Time from departure to return to the dock, lasts usually one and one-half hours, including the memorial ceremony. If you like, you may bring cut flowers to scatter, and the Captain will read the "Nautical Commitment to the Deep," if requested. The exact coordinates of the disposition site will be provided in case a revisit is desired.

Unattended means: No family or friends accompany the cremains aboard the vessel to the dispersal site.  The Captain and crew will conduct the scattering privately in a dignified and respectful manner.  Send the urn containing the cremains by  registered mail through the U.S. Postal Service, enclosing a personal check for $295. See detailed instructions under "Details for Shipping Cremains" below. We will perform the scattering shortly after receipt of the cremains, and will send you a confirmation letter with the date the scattering took place.

Revisit Dispersal Site: You may revisit the exact site of original ash dispersal by providing the Captain the coordinates of the disposition site.

Pet Scattering: An unattended scattering of your pets cremains can be conducted. The Captain will conduct the scattering in a dignified and respectful manner. The exact coordinates of the scattering sight will be forwarded to you on the Certificate Of Disposition.


Reservations: Call 800-900-8188 to make reservations.

Payment: Payment by personal check , credit card or money order is expected
immediately after the reservation is made.


The U.S. Postal Service will ship cremated remains. Use Priority Mail with Certified Return Receipt Requested. Cremains must remain in the plastic/cardboard box in which you received them. Place the original box inside another box. Insert the completed Authorization for the Scattering of Cremated Remains at Sea and a bank cashier's or personal check in the outer shipping container.

Pacific Coast Ashes at Sea assumes no responsibility for shipments made by the customer.

1. Download and complete the "Authorization for the Scattering of Cremated Remains at Sea" form. Obtain by mail, FAX, or Pacific Coast Ashes at Sea web site. [ click here for an online authorization form ]

2. Send check for the appropriate amount made out to our mother company: Harbor Breeze Cruises.

3. Ship the cremated remains to:

Pacific Coast Ashes at Sea
400 Oceangate
Long Beach, CA 90802

Phone: 800-900-8188
Fax: 562-983-6883

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