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Burial at Sea in Long Beach, CA

Long Beach’s proximity to the sea, as well as its breathtaking sunset, makes it an ideal location for burials at sea. Its lengthy coastline is a perfect launching point for private boats where mourners can board and perform last respect to their dearly departed in the middle of calm Pacific waters. Accordingly, our burial packages have this city as one of its departure points given its strategic location.

We specifically include Long Beach as one of our ports of departure because of the increasing number of families in this area who want special burial rites for their loved ones. We want to help them ease the pain that they are feeling by offering them special and meaningful burials at sea rites.

Solemn Scattering Ashes at Sea Rites

We at Pacific Coast Ashes at Sea offer an extraordinary way of giving your departed loved one a fitting burial. Our company has been offering affordable, well-thought-out burial services for years, and we have the most solemn rites handled by our compassionate staff. We provide clients with excellent burials at sea packages that include assisted or unassisted scattering of cremated remains.

We understand how important these ceremonies are, and how heavy these losses can weigh on the heart. That’s why we want to make sure that you’re able to perform last rites in whichever way you’d prefer, providing all the necessary accommodations for any client request. Our scattering ashes at sea services in Long Beach, CA give you and your family a multitude of options – whether that be scattering ashes by boat or by plane.

Our boats are steered by a licensed captain who can pick an ideal spot at sea where you can have solemn last rites through a simple program. You can have a pastor or a clergy to facilitate the blessing of the cremated remains, and you can also opt to give fellow mourners the opportunity to express their recollection of the dearly departed.

Our boats accommodate up to 149 mourners and are fitted with modern GPS technology, which helps our captain note the exact coordinates where the scattering or disposition of cremains took place. We will indicate the said coordinates in the Certificate of Disposition that we will provide you with so you can go back to the site when you wish to. It is our simple way of giving you the chance to pay your departed loved one a ‘visit’ anytime that you feel.

Burials at Sea in Long Beach – Fitting Tribute to Your Dearly Departed

Saying final goodbye to a departed loved one is never easy. But let us make the occasion less painful and more of a celebration of your departed loved one’s life on earth with a meaningful burial at sea rites.

We provide special packages for residents of Long Beach, CA who are looking for an affordable means of cremains disposition. Our services already include cremation so you won’t have to worry about this aspect. We employ trained, professional, and compassionate staff who will be more than ready to accommodate all your requests to ensure a solemn burial for your dearly departed. Our people are known to render a personal touch to the services that they provide so clients will genuinely feel our company’s concern.

We are also licensed to perform offshore disposition so you won’t have to worry about anything. We will take care of the necessary permits and other pertinent documents to ease the burden that you might be feeling.

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If you’re looking for unique and solemn burial services in Long Beach, then look no further. Pacific Coast Ashes at Sea provides the most respectful and memorable burials at sea in Long Beach, CA, giving families the chance to send their loved one off in an endearing and honorable fashion. If you have requests or questions about our Long Beach burials at sea services, please don’t hesitate to call us at 562-983-6880, or contact us through our online contact form. For more information regarding our services, please visit our burials at sea, funerals at sea and ashes scattered at sea pages.

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