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Burial At Sea in San Diego, CA

Burials at Sea, San Diego CA

Losing a loved one can be very difficult, leaving a lasting impression for many. And for those close to the recently departed, they want to make sure to send their loved one off as respectfully and solemnly as possible. If you are looking for an elegant and unique way to say your final goodbye to a deceased loved one, you should consider a burial at sea in San Diego. With Pacific Coast Ashes at Sea, we make sure to provide the necessary accommodations to make your sea burial and ash scattering experience as memorable and special as possible, giving you and your family solace and peace.

Our Boats For Burials at Sea in San Diego

We at Pacific Coast Ashes at Sea offer boats on hire for a memorial at sea. We have two different boats at this location - The 'Point Loma' and 'The Daily Double'. The boats can accommodate between 36 and 71 individuals based on the one that you opt for. You can book the boat for up to 2 hours for a memorial at sea in San Diego. A round trip from San Diego on the La Jolla can be completed in 4 hours.

We understand that each family will have particular needs when it comes to conducting a burial at sea in San Diego. You can discuss all your requirements with our experts and tell them exactly how you want the memorial service to be. You will find that we are very accommodating and will incorporate your requests into the package.

Affordable Sea Burials & Ash Scatterings in San Diego

Our funerals at sea in San Diego services are very affordable, and many people find that they fit perfectly into their budget. If you are wondering what to do with the cremains of a loved one who has passed away, you should consider our unique service. You can scatter the ashes in the ocean so that your loved one has a natural and calm final resting place.

Whether you want a more traditional service or a celebration of life, you can conduct it on our boat. The captain of the vessel is exceptionally experienced and will make sure that you can perform the last rites in the manner that you want. Many families wonder whether burial at sea in San Diego is a good option.

They feel that they might not be able to pay homage to the dear departed soul in the future and that scattering ashes in the sea would not allow them that satisfaction. However, the fact is that our boats are equipped with GPS technology. The captain will mark the coordinates at the site where are you have scattered the remains. This information will be mentioned in the certificate of disposition, which means you can always come back to that spot when you feel like it.

Contact Us Today for For Burials At Sea In San Diego

We understand that it can be challenging to bid goodbye to a dear departed one, which is why we offer very sympathetic and supportive services; the occasion becomes something you will have good memories of in the future.

Every aspect of the service will be customized as per your needs so that you get the peace of mind and solace that you need in this difficult time. We will acquire the necessary permits and documents, and you do not have to worry about any of these technicalities.

For any more information about our burial at sea in San Diego, feel free to contact Pacific Coast Ashes at Sea at this number 800-900-8188 or through this online form.

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