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Our Services

At Pacific Coast Ashes at Sea we offer the following services to those who have lost a loved one and would like assistance in saying goodbye in a compassionate manner. We have been providing funeral services by the sea via, air, land or water for many years and would be proud to do the same for you.

Burials at Sea

Burials at Sea We provide our clients with a unique ‘burial at sea’ service. If you would like to send-off you’re dearly departed by scattering their ashes at sea then we are the right company to contact. We have boats that can accommodate over 100 people and our service is available in California, Alaska and Hawaii. With over 20 years of experience in this business you can trust in us to provide the most professional and beautiful services. Read More >>

Funerals at Sea

Funerals at Sea In a time of grief and despair let Pacific Coast Ashes at Sea provide you with all the assistance required for a beautiful funeral at sea.we will cater to your every request and ensure you have the funeral service that pat respect to your lost one in the most sincere way. Whether you want to have your funeral service at the beach or on a boat, scatter ashes via land, sea or air; we will provide the perfect ceremony. You will be delighted and touched and have this day in your memories forever! Read More >>

Ashes Scattered at Sea

Ashes Scattered at Sea When it comes to the funeral service for your dearly departed loved one, we at Pacific Coast Ashes at Sea provide the most professional and empathetic services and have done for a few decades now. We understand that those in grief need help making arrangements and can also use some advice. With our any years of experience in providing funeral services by the sea; we will make all of your requests come to reality. From flowers to music; we will take care of it all for you. All you will need to do is tell us what your vision is and leave the rest to our wonderful team. If you choose to have ashes scattered at sea then we can take over 100 people out on our boat and have a beautiful send-off that way. Read More >>

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