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Burials At Sea, Newport Beach, CA

Today, many people are choosing to have a burial at sea in Newport Beach, CA, for their departed loved ones. There is something very calming about scattering a person's cremains at sea, and the waters become the perfect backdrop for this solemn occasion.  We at Pacific Coast Ashes at Sea have a private boat that you can hire for the purpose. It has a capacity of up to 149 people, which means that all the mourners can be accommodated in it.

Custom Burial at Sea in Newport Beach, CA

The beautiful coastline and breathtaking sunset make Newport Beach a right spot for the kind of farewell that you want to bid your loved one. You and your family can board our private boat -'The Queen’ and take it to a designated spot in the ocean.

The boat is equipped with GPS technology, which means that our captain can pinpoint the exact location where the ashes were scattered. This information would be mentioned in the certificate of disposition that our company provides you. This allows you to go back to that spot if you feel that you need to pay homage to your loved one in the future.

When you perform a person's last rites in this unique way, it gives you a certain amount of solace. If you are of a religious bent of mind, we can also organize a pastor or clergy to handle the burial at sea service. You can rest assured that our staff members will make sure the entire event progresses as you wanted to be. 

Affordable Burial at Sea in Newport Beach, CA

Since we customize our funerals at sea services, you can pay your respects in the way that you want. We understand that this is a very emotional time for you, and we are here to help in every way possible to ensure that you can say your final goodbye to your loved one in the best possible way.

Our captain is highly experienced, and he will also take you to the perfect spot for scattering the Ashes. While we provide these unique services, they are quite affordable, which means you do not have to think twice about whether you want to conduct a burial at sea Newport Beach, CA. The boat is well maintained; you and the rest of the mourners can complete the last rites as you like.

Customized Long Beach Burials at Sea

You will find that our team is highly professional and friendly, as well as compassionate. They will make sure that you get all the services you require to bid goodbye to your loved one.  Some people also like to conduct a celebration of life instead of following any specific religious beliefs.

We are more than happy to accommodate this request and will help organize the service exactly as you want it to be. A burial at sea in Newport Beach, CA, is one of the best ways to ensure that you get the solace and peace of mind that you need in this difficult time. You can be sure that the offshore disposition that we perform is legal, and we will also handle all the required paperwork for you.

For any more information about our burial at sea in Newport Beach, CA, feel free to contact Pacific Coast Ashes at Sea at this number 800-900-8188 or through this online form.

Newport Beach

The Queen

The Queen is a US Coast Guard inspected and certified safe. It is available for up to an hour and a half memorial at sea.


Memorial at Sea on the Queen

Burials at Sea, Newport Beach, CA



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